Non-medical clinical academics

Our clinical academics are health professionals working in clinical roles at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, with research roles at the University of Southampton.

Doctoral students

  • Donna Austin, PhD student 
    Profession: Nursing (paediatric ICU) 
    Research area: Children’s experience of isolation rooms
  • Daniel Aze, PhD student
    Profession: Nursing (CMH)
    Research area: potential benefits of exercise in patients with advance GI cancer
  • Sarah Bailey, PhD student, NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow 
    Profession: Nursing/midwifery (obstetrics and gynaecology) 
    Research area: Developing supportive care paradigms for women who experience recurrent miscarriage
  • Camilla Bennett, PhD student
    Profession: Nursing
    Research area: Respiratory - urinary output monitoring in acute care
  • Pippa Collins, PhD student
    Profession: Physiotherapist
    Research area: risk profiling patients with Alzheimer's disease in acute settings
  • Gilly Howard-Jones, PhD student, NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow 
    Profession: Nursing (clinical nurse specialist, lymphoma) 
    Research area: Social networks of cancer survivors
  • Isabel (Chiedza) Madechangu, PhD student
    Research area: Respiratory - lung cancer risk factors
  • Jayne Masters, PhD student 
    Profession: nursing (lead heart failure nurse specialist) 
    Research area: Factors influencing management of heart failure patients
  • Ashwini Mauchado, PhD student
    Profession: Nursing
    Research area: The participation of hospital nurses in antibiotic stewardship 
  • Lyndsey McClure, PhD student 
    Profession: Nursing (medicine for older people) 
    Research area: Multi-sensory intervention to reduce agitation in the Emergency Department for people with dementia
  • Matsikachando Moyo, PhD student 
    Profession: Nursing (acute medical unit) 
    Research area: Infection prevention and control - management of patients with infectious diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • Emily Walters, PhD student 
    Profession: Dietitian 
    Research area: Dietetics and dementia

Post-doctoral researchers

  • Denise Gibson, post-doctoral researcher
    Profession: Physiotherapy (consultant respiratory physiotherapist & physiotherapy professional lead)
    Research area: Respiratory care, breathing retraining and acupuncture for respiratory disorders
  • Dr Caroline Anderson, post-doctoral researcher 
    Profession: Dietetics (lead renal dietitian, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Southampton Biomedical Research Centre – Nutrition) 
    Research area: Improving the clinical evidence base and quality for care for paediatric renal dietetics, energy expenditure, body composition, nutritional intake and assessment, physical activity. Developing national clinical competencies and outcomes, and shared nutritional network for renal paediatric dietetics.
  • Dr Peter Austin, post-doctoral researcher 
    Profession: Pharmacy (senior pharmacist) 
    Research area: Nutrition support and intestinal failure. 
  • Gillian Crawford, post-doctoral researcher  
    Profession: Nursing (genetic counsellor / research nurse) 
    Research area: Genetic testing – management, consent and disclosure
  • Dr Kieran Hand, post-doctoral researcher 
    Profession:Pharmacy (consultant pharmacist anti-infectives) 
    Research area: Medical and non-medical antibiotic prescribing and decision-support; antibiotic stewardship
  • Dr Sandy Jack, post-doctoral researcher 
    Profession: Clinical scientist (consultant clinician scientist) 
    Research area: Exercise physiology in health and disease
  • Dr Elaine Lennan, post-doctoral researcher 
    Profession: Nursing (consultant nurse, chemotherapy) 
    Research area:Chemotherapy services, including non-medical prescribing
  • Dr Jacqui Prieto, post-doctoral researcher, NIHR senior clinical research fellow 
    Profession: Nursing (infection prevention) 
    Research area: Catheter-associated urinary tract infection, improving infection prevention practice and patient experience of healthcare-associated infection
  • Dr Lisa Roberts, post-doctoral researcher, NIHR senior clinical research fellow 
    Profession: Physiotherapy (consultant physiotherapist) 
    Research area: Communication and decision-making between physiotherapists and people with back pain, musculoskeletal research
  • Dr Jan Westbury, post-doctoral researcher
    Profession: Nursing (R&D senior manager) 
    Research area: Infection prevention and control
  • Dr Jane Winter, post-doctoral researcher 
    Profession: Nursing (consultant nurse, colorectal cancer) 
    Research area: Health and wellbeing of patients with colorectal cancer

Clinical lecturers

  • Dr Naomi Farrington, NIHR/HEE clinical lecturer
    Profession: Nursing (cancer care) 
    Research area: Incontinence and palliative care
  • Dr Luise Marino, NIHR/HEE clinical lecturer 
    Profession: Dietetics (lead paediatric dietitian, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics) 
    Research area: Paediatric nutrition
  • Dr Emma Murphy, NIHR/HEE clinical lecturer
    Profession: Nursing (advanced nurse practitioner/clinical lecturer in palliative and end of life care) 
    Research area: Symptom prevalence in Chronic Kidney Disease, epidemiology, renal palliative care and non-cancer palliative care


  • Professor Alison Richardson, clinical professor of cancer nursing and end-of-life care 
    Profession: Nursing (cancer care) 
    Research area: Understanding experiences of people affected by cancer and life-limiting illness; developing nurse-led interventions for people affected by cancer
  • Professor Robert Crouch OBE, Honorary Professor of Emergency Care 
    Profession: Nursing (consultant nurse, emergency department) 
    Research area: Clinical decision-making; role of decision-support software; primary/secondary care interface; pre-hospital and hospital interface; paramedic handover