Meet Becky


Since joining the group in September 2015, I have been involved in a number of face-to-face sessions.

The group was set up to increase engagement with people aged 16-25 and give our voice a platform. I feel that often our voices go unheard.

I joined mainly because of my passion for good research. We wouldn’t be where we are today medically without the fantastic research advancements we have achieved. Research is integral to giving patients the best care possible.

Joining this group has allowed me to influence and shape research coming out of Southampton, something which I am very proud of.

Alongside regular sessions, I have helped run the ‘People are Messy’ event which was a film screening and public debate for the importance of patient and public involvement (often called ‘PPI’).

One of the things many people assume is PPI involves insurance, but I really want to break the naivety of that. PPI is key to having research that benefits everyone.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience; it’s given me more than I ever expected it to.