Clinical and analytical research facilities

Here you can find out about our core facilities and capabilities. To discuss using these in your work, please contact Judit Varkonyi-Sepp in the first instance.

Clinical research facilities

We have world-class specialist research nursing teams, research equipment and facilities. These are provided  through the NIHR Southampton Clinical Research facility, one of the safest and highest quality phase I and complex later phase facilities in the UK. Facilities include:

  • Extensive, flexible outpatient suites
  • Adult high – and low-dependency wards for day or residential visits
  • Dedicated paediatric suite
  • Nutrition, allergy and drug study preparation facilities
  • Environmentally controlled and exercise physiology suites
  • Bronchoscopy suite
  • Human challenge study capability
  • Nutrition and physiology trained nursing teams
  • Research-dedicated DEXA and micro-CT imaging facilities
  • Please visit the NIHR WTCRF website for the full range of facilities here.

Laboratory and analytical facilities

Through the NIHR CRF and Wessex Investigational Sciences Hub (WISH) lab, we possess quality assured laboratory facilities and analytical platforms, including:

  • Clinical preparation, tissue culture and barcode-tracked sample handling laboratories
  • Category III containment laboratory
  • Nutritional blood chemistry and nutrient analysis
  • Genome sequencing and epigenetic analysis platforms
  • Immunological and microbiological assay and manipulation
  • Mass spectrometry laboratory

Please visit the WISH lab website for the full range of facilities and capabilities, here.