Nutrition in conception and pregnancy - NiPPeR study

The NiPPeR study is looking at the health effects for mothers and babies of nutrient supplements taken around conception and throughout pregnancy.

Open to women between the ages of 18 and 39 who are aiming to conceive, this international study is led in Southampton by Professor Keith Godfrey, director of the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre.

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Understanding the health impacts of daily nutrient drinks

 Southampton is one of three sites worldwide looking to see if a specific combination of nutrients, made into a drink, can improve the health of mothers and their babies. We’ll be working with 600 local women who will drink the nutrients twice a day before and during their pregnancy.

“We’ll be looking at the impact of blood sugar, vitamin and mineral levels of mothers on their babies’ development and whether these supplements influence this. Mothers will be followed from before conception, through pregnancy and through their baby’s first year of life.” Explains Professor Keith Godfrey.

Investigating the biology

 The study also aims to look at how a mother’s diet and lifestyle influences the expression of their baby’s genes, and how this impacts the future growth and health of their children. By understanding this better the NiPPeR team aims to inform better nutritional advice before and during pregnancy so that babies start life healthier, and are healthier throughout life.

 This study will include more detailed assessments of the mother’s nutrition and metabolism before and during pregnancy than have previously been carried out, and will allow the development of new approaches to provide children with the healthiest start in life.

Taking part

If you’re interested in taking part, and are aged between 18 and 38 and thinking of getting pregnant in the next six months, please contact the NiPPeR team on 0800 032 31 30 or email