Nurses' winnings spent on toys for children with complex needs


Our paediatric research nurses have chosen to use their £2000 Hospital Heroes award, along with additional fundraising, to make the children’s area of the Clinical Research Facility a more welcoming and interesting place for children with complex needs.

Award winning team

The paediatric research nurses’ team received a £2000 prize for their 2015 Hospital Heroes Clinical Impact Through Research Award, recognising their work on a research study to test a new meningitis vaccine. It was a whole team effort, and with the nurses working through weekends to ensure they could administer the vaccine to all of the children.

An even better environment

To cater for children with complex needs, the team have chosen to spend the money on refurbishing the children’s area and equipping it with sensory toys. These toys, such as a mobile hanging from the ceiling which lights up, along with Braille and audio books, will help to entertain and relax the children. A local artist will be involved in redesigning the artwork on the walls.

As well as their prize money, the team are fundraising with events such as a pub quiz, tombola and a cake sale.