Children's research nursing

The children’s research team provides high quality, individualised research care, ensuring that all children have the opportunity to take part in and benefit from research within the facility, hospital and wider community.

Liz Blake and Jane Martin - children's senior sisters



Liz and Jane jointly coordinate an experienced team of children’s research nurses, aiming to ensure that all children have the opportunity to take part in and enjoy research within the facility, hospital and wider community.

Children's research across hospital and community

The team cover clinical research in all aspects of general and specialist children's research, currently specialising in research in paediatric intensive care, respiratory medicine, nutrition, diabetes, genetics, orthopaedics and immunology.

The team works in a variety of settings including children’s outpatients, the emergency department, paediatric assessment unit, endoscopy, paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), within schools and children’s homes and within the facility itself.  

High quality care and research

At all times, paediatric research nurses ensure that their participants receive excellent care and that they have a positive experience from their involvement in research.

Our team work collaboratively to ensure that all studies are delivered to the highest standards and to give the widest possible access to clinical research for participants. Within the team there are a number of sub-teams.

A wide range of studies

The team undertake commercial and non-commercial studies, many of which are listed on the national research portfolio. Studies range from early phase I to later phase III studies, and may be international, national or local.

The children’s research team have been involved in a number of large studies in recent years, including the CATCH study (looking at reducing intravenous catheter infections in children), genetics of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease study and the children’s swine flu vaccine study.

Key areas of activity

The children’s research team is made up of nurses funded by the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Comprehensive Local Research Network, as well as the facility’s core team. 

  • Intensive care - work directly with the PICU medical and nursing teams to identify potential participants. Studies look at many aspects of PICU care, with particular focus on infectious diseases and respiratory medicine.
  • Outreach - studies based in participants’ homes, schools and colleges to give least disruptive access to clinical research. Southampton works within the UK Paediatric Vaccines group to deliver vaccine studies across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to children of all ages.
  • Diabetes - working within the clinical diabetes team to identify children and families who may participate in studies looking at both the treatment and understanding of childhood diabetes.
  • Respiratory - running studies based in the facility and in participants' homes, looking at both the treatment and understanding of conditions such as asthma and allergy.
  • Nutrition - in the neonatal unit, our team are looking at improving the nutrition and growth of preterm infants. Other studies have looked at nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease, and the genetics of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Specialist research nurses - nurses are employed to co-ordinate a study or group of studies for an individual investigator.
  • Core paediatric team - the core team run a range of studies based within the research facility and other parts of the hospital including the eye unit, orthopaedics, and children’s outpatients. The team also deliver clinically requested bronchoscopies on children and are able to invite all those children to participate in respiratory research.