Adult research nursing

The adult research nursing team delivers high quality, individualised  care to adults taking part in research within the facility, as well as other areas in the hospital and the community.


Caroline Grabau, adult senior research sister

Caroline provides nursing leadership and support to four adult nursing teams, ensuring that all adult research studies are set up and implemented in the facility according to standards and timelines.

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Conducting adult research studies

The experienced research nurses undertake a variety of commercial and non-commercial studies that include early and later phase trials.

Delivering a large number of studies, including complex large-scale vaccine studies, they support research within the facility and elsewhere within the hospital and community.

Experience and capability

All of the adult research nurses are clinically experienced and trained to carry out research activities and ensure that all data collected is of the highest quality.

The research nurses fully support research participants through the research process, acting as advocates and providing specialist nursing care.

Working closely with researchers and fostering excellent relationships with clinical teams and departments, the team ensure research quality and that research participants (patients and healthy volunteers) have a positive experience of taking part.

Four sub-teams

  • Purple team: rheumatology, immunology and anaphylaxis, genetics, dermatology, Alzheimer’s disease, fish oil, and cancer.
  • Orange team: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, cancer, obesity, dermatology, malaria, multiple sclerosis, and liver disease.
  • Yellow team: neurological disease, meningitis, orthopaedics, dermatology, cardiac arrest, fish oils, diabetes, and cancer.
  • NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre adult research nursing team.

Key activities

  • Planning the day-to-day running of the study.
  • Actively seeking appropriate and willing participants for the study within ethical guidelines.
  • Organising all visits, liaising with participants, scientists and doctors, and ensuring that the visits run smoothly.
  • Conducting all the tests required for the study, and ensuring that the participant remains safe, comfortable and happy with their care whilst on the unit.
  • Ensuring that all the equipment and consumables are ready for the study.