Rheumatology research team

Our allied health professional team works within the facility on a variety of rheumatology research studies involving adult volunteers.

Lyndsey Goulston

Dr Lyndsey Goulston, rheumatology research team leader

Lyndsey is an experienced musculo-skeletal physiotherapist now specialising in rheumatology research, investigating inflammatory arthritis.

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Improving care across rheumatological conditions

We are involved in both commercial (new treatments) and non-commercial (observational) research studies that aim to improve the health of people with rheumatology conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, myositis, lupus, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Working with patients and volunteers

Research participants are referred to the team via routine outpatient rheumatology or orthopaedic clinics held in the hospital or in the local community. Eligible volunteers are invited to participate in the study of choice and subsequent study visits are held within the facility.

The team works closely with members of the adult research nursing and laboratory teams, and has strong links with the hospital pharmacy and imaging departments.

Delivering rheumatology research

The main role of the rheumatology research team is to recruit volunteers and to ensure the safety and smooth running of all rheumatology studies. This involves extensive study coordination and carrying out accurate collection and recording of research data for a wide range of different studies, from the development of new diagnostic tools through to trying new treatment options.

The nursing, physiotherapy and podiatry allied health professional team members are skilled in a variety of clinical joint examination techniques. They all work towards a common goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle and take the opportunity to educate and encourage volunteers on how best to self-manage their rheumatology condition in the long term.

All the allied health professional team members work at graduate level, some members have completed postgraduate module studies and others are working on their own PhD research. The team regularly presents work at national rheumatology conferences and contributes towards peer-reviewed publications.