Sakellariou, Mr Vasileios

Sakellariou, Mr Vasileios


General surgery


Oncoplastic breast surgery (surgery to remove breast cancer and reconstruct the breast)

Training and education

  • Medical degree - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1990
  • Specialist training in general surgery - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1999
  • Surgical oncology fellowship - Theageneio Cancer Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Oncoplastic breast surgery fellowship - Edinburgh Breast Unit, 2012
  • Oncoplastic breast surgery fellowship - Peterborough Breast Unit, 2017
  • Fellow of European Board of Surgery (breast surgery) - European Union of Medical Specialists section of surgery, 2018


Mr Sakellariou is a locum consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon. He performs surgery to treat breast cancer, and also reconstructs and improves the appearance of breasts after cancer surgery.

Procedures he performs include:

  • partial breast reconstruction using perforator flaps (tissue from the patient's chest)
  • therapeutic mammoplasty (surgery to remove cancer and reduce the size of the breast)
  • total breast reconstruction after mastectomy (removal of the breast), using implants and the patient's own tissue
  • revision and symmetrisation surgery (including lipomodelling - moving fat from a different part of the body into the breasts to change the shape).

Mr Sakellariou runs clinics for patients who are being screened for breast cancer or have symptoms that need further investigation. He also has a joint clinic with the oncology team for patients with breast cancer and with the plastic surgery team for patients having reconstructive breast surgery.

Mr Sakellariou is a member of the Greek Surgical Society, the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the Oncoplastic Breast Consortium.

Key achievements

  • Development of immediate autologous breast reconstruction - joined breast surgery and plastic surgery departments, Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece 
  • Introducing sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer surgery at Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Introducing immediate breast reconstruction at Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece

Awards and prizes

  • Holder of a scholarship from the Greek National Scholarships Foundation


Mr Sakellariou is the author of 34 scientific publications and 96 congress speeches and presentations. His recent publications include:

  • The Breast, volume 32, supplement 1, March 2017, page s122. Margins double assessment with intraoperative mammography and selective frozen section in breast conservation surgery. V. Sakellariou, I. Giagtzidis, E. Kontis, G. Rodokalakis, D. Hatzibougias. DOI:
  • The Breast, volume 44, supplement 1, March 2019, Pages s115-s116. Intraoperative frozen section evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes in breast carcinoma: a retrospective review of 249 cases. V. Sakellariou, I. Giagtzidis, E. Athanasiou, M. Bobos, E. Pazarli, L. Pervana, D. Hatzimpougias. DOI:
  • The Breast, volume 44, supplement 1, March 2019, page s51. Breast fine-needle aspiration for diagnosis and management of small breast cancer: a retrospective study of 126 cases. V. Sakellariou, I. Giagtzidis, M. Teliousi, P. Malle, E. Athanasiou, G. Rodokalakis. DOI:

You can find out more about Mr Sakellariou's research on his ResearchGate profile.


You can contact Mr Sakellariou via his secretary, Jane Allen - call 023 8120 5033 or send an email.