Crawford, Mr Simon

Mr Simon CrawfordBSc MBChB MD MBA FRCS[Ed] MRCOG




Gynaecological oncology 

Training and education

  • RCOG, level 3 accreditation in laparoscopic surgery
  • RCOG, level 3 accreditation in hysteroscopic surgery
  • RCOG/BSCCP accreditation in colposcopy 


Mr Crawford has worked for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust since October 2002.


Crawford S.C., Vasey P.A., Paul J., Hay A., Davis J.A, & Kaye S.B. ‘Does aggressive surgery only benefit patients with less advanced ovarian cancer? Results from an international comparison within the SCOTROC-1 trial.’  J.Clin.Onc.(2005) 23(34), 8802-8811.

The investigation of Post-menopausal Bleeding-A national clinical guideline”. SIGN Guideline No 61:

Crawford S.C., DeCaestecker L,. Gillis C.R., Davis J.A., Penney G.C., Siddiqui N.A., ‘The waiting time paradox: A population-based retrospective study examining the association of treatment delay with survival in patients with endometrial cancer in Scotland’.Br.Med.J.(2002),325,p196. 

Crawford S.C., DeCaestecker L., Gillis C.R., Hole D., Davis J.A., Penney G.C., Siddiqui N.A. ‘Staging quality is related to the survival of women with endometrial cancer: A Scottish population based study.’ Br J. Cancer (2002), 86,1837-1842.

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