Simulated patients (actors)

We have about 130 simulated patients in our programme from all walks of life who take on the role of a patient or relative for training and examination sessions. We can also provide simulated patients for education events. We'll work with you to find out what you need, and train our simulated patients to undertake their roles.

If you would like the services of a simulated patient, you'll simply need to give us:

  • A two line description of the scenario(s) including gender and age guidelines to ensure we match you with the right simulated patients - at least two weeks before the event.
  • Timing and venue for the event - at least two weeks before event.
  • Your full scenarios - these should be with us to send to simulated patients, at least one week before the event.

We can also work with you on writing the scenario and facilitating your event, as well providing simulated patients.

Scenarios in which simulated patients have been used include

  • breaking bad news
  • consent and ethical issues
  • dealing with children
  • dealing with people with communication difficulties
  • angry patients or relatives
  • team working.

Please get in touch with us to confirm costs.

Contact us

  • Sarah Wilding, lead for simulation
  • Call Jenny White on 023 8120 6487, or email
  • Mailpoint 209
    Southampton General Hospital
    Tremona Road
    Southampton, S016 6YD