Medical physics

We use the physical scientific principles behind medical technologies to give us information about diseases, and plan safe and effective treatment.

New developments

Healthcare is becoming more reliant on advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment. As a result, demand for our services is ever increasing. Find out about clinical developments we're involved in.

Laser safety training

Education and training

Our department is involved in a wide variety of education and training initiatives. We're also a training centre for the NHS Healthcare Scientist Training Programme. Read more.


Nuclear medicine physics

We have a key role in diagnostic nuclear medicine, providing clinical support to our imaging services (SPECT and PET). We're also involved in nuclear medicine as therapy. Find out more.

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We support the MRI service for patients at the hospital, and are heavily involved in research. We're the designated magnetic resonance (MR) safety expert for the Trust, and also provide safety advice to other clients. Find out more.


Radiation protection

We provide radiation protection support to hospital services using x-ray and ultrasound equipment including radiology, nuclear medicine, theatres, and the breast screening unit. Find out more.


Radiotherapy physics

We work closely with the radiotherapy department (in cancer care), providing technical and scientific support. Find out more.

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