Meet the team

The radiotherapy physics team is made up of: 

  • clinical scientists (medical physicists)
  • clinical technologists (engineering)
  • dosimetrists (clinical technologists and radiographers)
  • administrative staff.

Senior team

Claire Birch

Claire Birch, head of radiotherapy physics

Claire leads our radiotherapy physics team. She has extensive experience in all areas of radiotherapy physics (including external beam, sealed source brachytherapy and intra operative therapy), and acts as the lead medical physics expert (MPE) for radiotherapy physics.

Claire is an accredited radiation protection advisor (RPA) and is the appointed RPA for radiotherapy (external beam and sealed source therapies) at our Trust. She is also an HRA registered MPE reviewer for radiotherapy.

As training officer for STP and PTP, Claire is involved in delivery of practitioner and scientist training. She also lectures on BSc physics and FRCR lecture programmes.

Email or call 023 8120 6889.

Rachel Barlow, deputy head of radiotherapy physics

Rachel is the medical physics expert for radiotherapy physics, and the training lead for medical physics.

Email or call 023 8120 6889.

Heads of sub-groups within radiotherapy physics

Nael Khater, head of QA and dosimetry

Nael is also the medical physics expert in QA and dosimetry.

Email or call 023 8120 3436.

Iulianna Cracium, head of external beam treatment planning

Iulianna is the medical physics expert in planning.

Email or call 023 8120 8503.

Julia Nevinson, head of brachytherapy

Julia is the medical physics expert in brachytherapy.

Email or call 023 8120 6110.

David Carpenter, head of radiotherapy physics computing and networking

Email or call 023 8120 8769.

John McKechnie, head of radiotherapy electronics

Email or call 023 8120 6129.