Why choose us

Cardiologists at Southampton’s Congenital Cardiac Services have evaluated and treated thousands of paediatric, adolescent and adults with congenital heart disease over the past 30 years.

Our surgeons perform hundreds of operations each year. In 2008-09 we operated on 441 congenital heart disease patients, of which roughly 95 are adults.


Southampton's Congenital Cardiac Services are known nationally and internationally for its specialist work in treating children and adults with congenital heart disease. Some of the most complex cases are referred to us because of our world-class expertise. We also share our experience with other centres worldwide via telemedicine links from our catheter lab and operating theatre.

Each year many patients are referred to the centre from across the UK for specialist single ventricle surgery. Our experienced cardiologists have pioneered several new heart treatments such as percutaneous closure of atrial septal defects.

Specialist nurses, who have been working in this area for many years, also bring a great deal of invaluable expertise and support to patients.

Team working

The team has a close working relationship with other specialist services within the hospital, including those in Fetal Medicine, the Neonatal UnitRadiology and Intensive Care Units.

Our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthetists, intensivists and other specialists work closely together on a daily basis which helps create a truly integrated, multi-disciplinary team that provides exceptional expertise and care for the patient within one hospital.

Patients with congenital heart disease can be cared for from birth to adulthood by the same group of specialists. We also have a transitional clinic which provides support for the adolescent moving from paediatric to adult care.


Our consultants regularly publish research papers and work with the on-site Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, Medical Research Council Epidemiology Resource Centre. We also have close links with the Human Genetics division of the University of Southampton on cardiovascular genetics research, including major interest in hypoplastic left heart syndrome.