Meet the neurovascular team

The neurovascular team is made up of:

Dr Amanda Williams, consultant neuroradiologist

Dr Williams is a consultant neuroradiologist.

Jonathan Duffill

Dr Jonathan Duffill, consultant neurosurgeon

Mr Duffill has extensive experience of surgery for cerebral aneurysms, cavernoma and fistula. He is part of the neuro-oncology service for patients with cerebral tumours. Mr Duffill is also currently the clinical lead for neurosurgery and the training programme director for neurosurgery.


Dr John Millar, consultant neuroradiologist

Dr Millar introduced endovascular coil treatment for cerebral aneurysms in Southampton. He leads the interventional neuroradiology service which also includes endovascular therapy of vascular malformations and tumours of the brain and spine.

Adam Ditchfield

Dr Adam Ditchfield, consultant neuroradiologist

Dr Ditchfield has a special interest in diagnostic and interventional radiology and in ENT.

Jason Macdonald

Dr Jason MacDonald, consultant neuroradiologist

Dr Macdonald has a specialist interest in stroke imaging, acute stroke management, ENT imaging, neurovascular intervention and spinal intervention.

Lesley Foulkes, neurovascular nurse specialist

Lesley provides specialist support, information and advice for patients, families and healthcare professionals. She also runs a telephone and email helpline, nurse led follow up clinics and support services.

Jane Rowland, neurovascular support assistant

Jane works alongside the neurovascular nurse specialist, providing support for neurovascular patients and families.

Faye Bunting, superintendent radiographer

Faye is responsible for the angiography department within neuro x-ray, where angiograms and neurovascular treatments, such as coiling of aneurysms, take place. She is also responsible for the booking of follow up angiograms for neurovascular patients.

Carrie Parker, radiographic assistant practitioner

Carrie is part of the angiography team, and is responsible for the co-ordination and organisation of  planned neurovascular treatments, for example coiling of aneurysm.