Patient feedback- CARE measure

Thank you to all our service users who have given us feedback. The comments below were taken from the free text box at the bottom of the CARE measure.

We have listened to your feedback and we now hold video call clinics on Tuesday afternoons. 

This has cut our waiting time for new patient appointments from 18 weeks to 10 weeks.

This has also enabled us to be more flexible with our appointments and patients have enjoyed the convenience of being seen at home, with no travel time or costs associated with their appointment.

(November 2020)

‘Both staff provides excellent care and advice. I found my appointment very helpful and beneficial, everything was explained thoroughly.’

‘Very positive and helpful’

‘Thank you for a very useful consultation’

‘Very empathetic and understanding- never looks at notes or computer when you’re talking and listens and takes notice- very happy!’

‘Made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Lovely atmosphere’

‘This has been a tough time for me, and the physios and clinical psychologist have HUGELY helped me!’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed my visit- whole atmosphere very pleasant’

‘It is so helpful to have a department to deal with the ongoing issues that I am facing with my face. Excellent service and help’

‘Very helpful!’

‘It’s the first time since developing Bell’s palsy, I now feel I am with the right people who really understand my condition. This has a positive effect on my state of mind.’

‘Excellent. Both people made me feel completely at ease and that my condition had greatly improved. Gave me a lot more confidence’

‘Wonderful team. Huge waiting list, probably because they are so good! Would really help if the service could be expanded.’

‘More days available please’

CARE measure developed by Mercer et al. (2004) The consultation and relational empathy (CARE) measure: development and preliminary validation and reliability of an empathy-based consultation process measure. Published in Family Practice, Volume 21, Issue 6, December 2004, Pages 699–705.