Results from routine screening

After your routine screening, your mammograms are processed and examined at the Princess Anne Hospital, and the results sent to you and your GP within two weeks.

Some women (about five to eight per cent of women) are recalled for further mammograms, either for technical reasons or because a potential abnormality has been identified and needs to be assessed.

All mammograms and ultrasound images that we have taken are retained in our file for comparison with any further breast imaging you may have. Should you move away, your films can be sent to the screening unit in that area.


Mammograms are the most accurate way of detecting breast cancer early. However, we cannot guarantee to find every cancer as some small cancers may be missed and some cancers are radiographically occult (cannot be seen on mammograms).

In our unit all screening mammograms are reported by at least two experienced film readers, and cancer detection rates regularly exceed national standards.