Screening for women with disabilities

Women who have special needs, such as a physical or a learning disability, are asked to contact the breast screening unit. The screening unit will arrange an appointment at the Princess Anne Hospital, where there is easier wheelchair access, better provision for a supporter to accompany the woman if she wishes, and lifts to all floors. We can allow more time for your appointment than on the mobile unit and are also able to review mammograms as they are taken.

If you have disabilities, and have been invited to a mobile unit, please could you or your carer contact us to re-arrange your appointment.

If you are a carer for a woman with special needs who has been invited for screening, an easy guide to breast screening is available. A video or DVD about the service is also available - please phone us to request a copy. The department worked in conjunction with the local disability team to produce this for the benefit of these ladies in an effort to improve their access to the service.