Screening for women with implants

Women with breast implants can now be screened at the mobile screening units. Breast screening by mammography (breast x-rays) can detect cancer at a very early stage, and screening has been shown to reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer.

However, mammography can be less effective in women who have breast implants. This is because the x-rays cannot see through the implant to the breast tissue behind it.

It is important to tell the radiographer carrying out your screening if you have breast implants. They may need to use a slightly different technique, so that as much breast tissue as possible can be shown on the x-ray.

Screening does not check your implants. If you think you have a problem with one or both implants, please mention this before you are screened, as mammography might not be appropriate.

You can find out more in this leaflet: 

Information about PiP implants

Patients of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust can be reassured that the French PiP breast implant, which has been the subject of media coverage, has never been used in operations carried out by the Trust.

Any woman who has had a PiP implant elsewhere and has concerns should contact the clinic who carried out their procedure.  If they have any health concerns they should speak with their GP.

Advice regarding this issue is available on the Department of Health website.