University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy minimises the impact of disease and disability through the use of purposeful activity. As a member of the multi-disciplinary team, the occupational therapist will assess your child's abilities and potential within the context of your family's physical and psychosocial environment.

Areas assessed may include:

  • motor skills (hand function in particular)
  • seating and postural management
  • self-care skills
  • visual perceptual skills
  • access to home and school environment
  • home equipment needs
  • pain and sensory issues.

Alongside these, other areas which will be assessed include:

  • problem solving barriers to enable participation in daily activities
  • using activity as a therapeutic tool
  • adapting the environment to maximise your child's ability to engage in activities
  • adapting the activity to permit your child to participate. 

Intervention may include loaning your child a seating system or wheelchair while they are an inpatient, providing hand splints to prevent contractures and advising on maximizing your child's ability to participate in daily activities.