University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Meet the team

Children's eye consultants


Miss Kristina May

Miss May specialises in paediatric ophthalmology. She also holds adult general ophthalmology clinics and performs adult cataract surgery.

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Mr James Self

Mr Jay Self

Mr Self is a senior lecturer at the University of Southampton and is consultant lead for paediatric eye research, paediatric cataract, oculo-genetics and nystagmus services. He has established dedicated paediatric cataract and nystagmus clinics. He performs adult and paediatric cataract, squint and general ophthalmic surgery.

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Miss Stephanie West

Miss West specialises in paediatric ophthalmology. She looks after children with eye problems as well as adults with strabismus and general ophthalmological conditions. She also performs and teaches cataract surgery.

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Health professionals who may see your child

During your visit, there are three main different health professionals who may see your child.


The orthoptist is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of eyesight and eye movement such as a squint or lazy eye. They will check your child's eyesight so please bring any glasses your child may have with you.

The orthoptist will also ask you questions about your child's medical and family history, and any previous eye treatment your child may have had.

Eye drops are usually then given after the orthoptist has examined your child's eyes if they are seeing the doctor as well. 

Paediatric nurse

The paediatric (specialist children's) nurse will answer any queries or concerns you may have and administer the eye drops to your child.


This is a doctor who specialises in eye problems. They will carry out a full eye examination on your child which will involve testing to see if your child needs glasses, and examining the inside of the eye to see if it is healthy, using a bright light. If necessary they will then prescribe glasses.