What happens when I come in?

If you're having complex or major surgery at our hospital, you may have been told about intensive care before you arrive, with a bed booked for you for after your operation. If you come to hospital in an emergency, you might not know much about intensive care. Our doctors and nurses will keep you and your relatives informed about your care and treatment during your time with us.

Families can visit at any time of day. Relatives can also phone during the day or night to speak to a nurse about you and your condition.

Most patients will need one-to-one nursing until they are well enough that one nurse can look after two patients. We have a lot of equipment and monitoring, but your bedside nurse will be able to explain what it is all for. There will be a nurse in charge each shift who can also help with any questions or concerns.

A team of medical staff led by a consultant will manage your medical care. Where possible, they will be available to answer any medical questions and give your family updates.

Our intensive care team also includes clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, technicians, clinical psychologists, dieticians and support staff.

More information about intensive care is available from ICU Steps, an intensive care patient support charity. Visit their website here.