Kidney stone service

Our kidney stone service is a centre of excellence for diagnosing and treating kidney stones, including complex stones. We are the regional children's stone centre for the South Coast and south west of England, with patients coming from as far as Bristol and Cornwall.

About kidney stones

You can find out more about kidney stones, including their symptoms and causes, on the NHS website.

Treatment types

Our patients are given a choice of treatments depending on the size and location of their stones.

We offer all types of specialist stone surgeries including ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and lithotripsy. We have had excellent results in the outcomes of these surgeries.

We perform more than 200 ureteroscopy procedures every year, with a stone clearance of over 90%. This includes treatment for acute renal or ureteric stones, bilateral stone disease (stones in both kidneys), children's stones and complex stones.

We offer standard PCNLs, supine PCNLs and ultra-mini PCNLs in our hospital.

More information on these treatments is available on the NHS website.