Southampton orthopaedics: Centre for arthroplasty and revision surgery

Most joint replacements last for many years, but sometimes they fail and need revision surgery. This is often complicated and requires teams of highly trained and experienced surgeons, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to achieve the best outcomes.

Problems encountered with various metal on metal hip implants have made it clear that there is a need for a centre of excellence for revision joint replacement surgery. 

In Southampton we have the expertise to investigate and treat patients with failed joint replacements and world class research facilities to investigate why some implants fail. Working together we want to improve the outcome of joint replacement surgery for the benefit of our patients.

Clinical and research expertise

At UHS we have fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons with extensive experience of revision joint replacement surgery. Our surgeons are supported by experts in the fields of radiology, microbiology, clinical chemistry and rehabilitation.

We also have a wide range of research expertise and work closely with the University of Southampton on the following:

Critical host and implant factors

We have the ability to look at the critical host and implant factors that influence the outcome of joint replacement surgery, and to link these with clinical outcomes and the effects of early intervention.

Implant factors include:

  • the behaviour of implant materials
  • wear debris
  • lubrication
  • corrosion
  • biofilm and membrane formation

Host factors include:

  • bone metabolism - particularly the effects of bone density and vitamin D metabolism
  • characterisation of immunological, inflammatory and genetic factors; and how these interact at the cellular level.

By bringing together these areas of expertise and knowledge we aim to improve our understanding and knowledge of how implants work and interact in the human body. Together with industry we will be able to develop new and safer devices for the benefit of our patients.