Virtual fracture clinic

Our fracture clinics have been redesigned - you don't need to come into the hospital for your assessment.

Your x-ray(s) and initial assessment documentation will be reviewed in the virtual fracture clinic by an orthopaedic consultant surgeon within one week of your attendance at the emergency department.

After this assessment we'll send you an appointment letter with full instructions in the post if:

  • we need to see you in the clinic
  • we need to do any further investigations (MRI scans or x-rays) before your clinic appointment.

If we don't need to see you back in clinic, we will telephone you with advice and instructions for you to self-manage your injury.

We will also send a copy of your letter from the virtual clinic to you and to your GP.


Discharge advice

  • Foot (fifth metatarsal) fracture
  • Hand (fifth metacarpal) fracture
  • Isolated hand metacarpal fracture
  • Mallet finger injury
  • Radial head fracture
  • Toe fractures