Bereavement care and support

Bereavement pictureWe recognise that care for our patients and their families continues even after death.

Our experienced bereavement care team at Southampton General Hospital provide a caring and compassionate service. We can offer you support and reassurance, information and guidance. 

We also facilitate the donation of tissues for transplantation which are used to enhance many hundreds of lives every year.

We can also offer support before your loved one has died - just speak to the ward team or contact bereavement care directly.

The completion of the medical certificate of cause of death occurs with the support of the medical examiner and their team.

Bereavement care will also gather the patient’s non-valuable possessions, which can all be collected from the bereavement care office along with the medical certificate of cause of death.

We try to have the medical certificate of cause of death ready on the next working day following a death, but please be aware that this isn't always possible. Please contact us to make an appointment before coming to the bereavement care office. 

Where a death is reported to the Coroner and they decide that a post mortem examination is needed, you will not receive a medical certificate of cause of death from the hospital. We will keep you informed and continue to support you in any way we can.

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Our office is open Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays) 8.30am to 4.30pm.