Information for patients

We appreciate that coming into hospital can be a stressful time. As well as the pressure of illness and treatment you may feel isolated, or concerned about home or personal situations. 

You may find it helpful to talk things through with someone removed from your situation. Chaplains provide a sympathetic, confidential listening ear to anyone who would find support helpful during their hospital stay. 

“ … your team was amazing – providing an oasis of calm, kindness and friendliness through an otherwise pretty dreadful ordeal. She wanted you to know how much it meant to her, even though she is not a person of strong faith.”

Religious support

If you practice a religious faith, chaplains can support you in the following ways, both at the bedside and in the chaplaincy centre: 

  • prayer (general, specific, before operations, when treatment is withdrawn, with those coming to the end of their lives) 
  • holy communion 
  • anointing 
  • pastoral care 
  • emergency baptisms 
  • naming and blessing services for babies 
  • a volunteer escort to chapel services in Southampton General Hospital 
  • arrangements for emergency weddings or renewal of marriage vows 
  • contact and liaison with local leaders of major faith groups on your behalf, where requested
  • support for your faith needs being respected 
  • access to religious literature.
“Thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers … It was wonderful to meet you and have you pray with us. You brought a great sense of calm.”
(mother of child in for surgery).

Contacting a chaplain

If you would like a chaplain to visit you during your stay in hospital, you can let us know in the following ways: 

Before your stay in hospital

  • Phone, write or email to let us know the date you are coming in and the location you are expected to be in. If you are writing, please do so well in advance, so that we don't miss you if the letter is delayed or you're only in hospital for a short amount of time.
  • Arrange for your minister or faith leader, relative or friend to contact us on your behalf.

During your stay in hospital

  • Let the nursing staff know on your admission, or at any time during your stay, that you would like them to refer you to the chaplaincy department. 
  • Use an internal phone if you are able to, and dial 8517 to get through to the chaplaincy department directly.

  • If you are mobile and allowed to leave to leave the ward, you can visit us at the chaplaincy centre.

  • Arrange for your minister or faith leader, relative or friend to contact us on your behalf.