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Patient experiences

Read comments from our patients:

From the moment I arrived at the CSSU I was made to feel at total ease. The nursing staff are second to none, polite, courteous and professional. The consultants discussed my condition and the treatment I was going to receive in a language I could understand, which put my mind at complete ease. "Very well done to all the staff at the congenital cardiac centre.

I’m anxious about my upcoming surgery to replace my pulmonary valve. But the nurses on the cardiac ward are friendly and reassuring and have kept me informed with all I need to know

My stay here was pleasant. The team were very reassuring and explained everything. Now the procedure to close the hole in my heart is done I’m looking forward to getting on with my life. I would say to anyone coming into hospital to try and not worry because you’re in excellent hands.

I have been under the care of Dr Salmon and his team for 20 years now. For my family and I ward E2 is a familiar and reassuring place as it has all the specialist care that I need under one roof. The consultants and nursing staff are friendly and caring and always make my stay as pleasant as possible. The other invaluable service the ward offers is the care of the Adult Cardiac Liaison Team, Lynda and Mel. They provide support and information for all the family and are a great link to the medical team. I feel E2 ward has a positive feel and I would recommend it to any other patients.