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Our orthoptic department assesses and treats a range of problems with eye movement and vision. We are experts in assessing children's vision, and in diagnosing underlying eye conditions in patients of all ages.

Based at Southampton General Hospital, we see up to 14,000 patients a year. We hold clinics in the wider Hampshire area and provide pre-school vision screening.

Conditions we treat include:

  • amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • squint
  • defective binocular vision
  • abnormal eye movements
  • diplopia (double vision).

Our treatments include glasses, prisms, exercises or patches. Some patients may need surgery - this is usually done as a day case in the eye short stay unit.

We offer appointments Monday to Friday, from 8.45 to 11.30am and 1.30 to 4pm.

Your appointment

Please report to the orthoptic reception, B level, in eye unit outpatients.

Please bring details of any glasses you (or your child) has, and of any medication being taken.

You should allow up to an hour and a half for a first visit. Any follow-up visits should be shorter.

Below is a guide to what you can expect at the orthoptic department.


You will be seen by an orthoptist first and then by a doctor who will give you your diagnosis and explain any treatment you require.

You may be given eye drops to dilate your pupils. These can blur your vision for a few hours so do not drive yourself to hospital as you will not be able to drive home.


Your child will first be seen by an orthoptist who will take their case history and examine their eyes. They will have some eye drops put in, which take about 30 to 45 minutes to work. These dilate the pupil and can last for up to 24 hours. They can make near vision a little blurry and it is useful to bring sunglasses or a baseball cap with you for your child to wear afterwards.

Your child will then be examined by a doctor who will give you a diagnosis and go through any treatment needed.

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Meet the team

Lead orthoptists

  • Elizabeth O'Flynn, head orthoptist
  • Megan Evans, deputy head and research orthoptist
  • Rachel Leary, orthoptist and teaching lead
  • Richard Evans, senior orthoptist and paediatric family support officer


Daniel Osborne (research orthoptist), Helen Ellis, Tomos Harding, Hedydd Dyer, Jeremy Bradshaw, Jessica Dee, Nowsheen Mahmood, Callum Boyes and Jemima Pickard.

Contact us

Call us on 023 8120 4789.