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Outpatient services (cystic fibrosis - adults)

Cystic fibrosis clinics

We run a mixture of face to face and virtual clinics, and appointments are available in the mornings and afternoons. "Face to face“ clinics are held in our dedicated consulting rooms on C level of Southampton Hospital's West Wing. Please allow enough time for parking. For virtual clinics please treat it like a “face to face” clinic as much as possible; please make sure you are somewhere quiet with good reception, and with minimal distractions. Please be available for calls from the whole team throughout your appointment time.

If you have an annual review appointment, you can expect to be seen by a doctor, specialist nurse, physiotherapist, dietitian, and pharmacist. At other clinic appointments, you can expect to be seen by a doctor and a specialist nurse, and other members of the team may be available on request. If you know ahead of time that you need to see a specific member of the team or have requirements, please give us as much notice as possible.

Duration of clinic will vary:

  • Annual review clinics run most mornings between 9am and 1pm and your appointment may last up to 4 hours, including chest x-ray, lung function and other tests (bone density scan, abdominal ultrasound).
  • Other routine appointments may be morning or afternoon and are up to about an hour and a half.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend any appointment. NHS resources are limited and your cooperation on this will allow us to release your appointment to someone else who wants it and would otherwise miss out. Please call 023 8120 6801 or email

The hospital now has an App called My Medical Record which gives you access to all your clinic appointments, letters we send you, as well as some of your test results. Please see details here.

Specialist clinics

In addition to the members of the adult CF team, you may need to see other specialists for advice about managing your cystic fibrosis:

Other outpatient services

Home intravenous (IV) therapy service

Hospital admissions for treatment with intravenous antibiotics are sometimes a necessary part of care. Some people may be able to receive all or part of their antibiotic course at home and this is assessed on an individual basis. Please discuss this with the CF team.

Venous access

For people who require venous access or ports, we are assisted by Dr Robert Allison and others in the interventional radiology and vascular access team. Mid-lines (catheter inserted in the vein of the arm) and PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter or line) are routinely placed with the assistance of ultrasound guidance.

Physiotherapy services

We also offer appointments for test doses of new inhaled medications when required. If needed, appointments for dedicated support of airway clearance can be offered. In 2022 we are starting to use a service called Beam to allow access to both live exercise classes and on demand content for you.