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Leaving hospital

We'll start to talk to you about arranging for you to leave hospital (your discharge) as soon as possible after you are admitted.

We will try to ensure arrangements are made for your discharge from hospital as early as we can so that you can leave to return home or to an onward place of care as soon as you are medically fit to do so.

It is really helpful that we have these conversations with you and your family as soon as possible to make all the preparations necessary.

On the day of discharge, we aim to vacate beds as soon as possible in the morning. Anyone who needs to wait for medication, transport or someone to collect them will be asked to sit in one of our discharge lounges. Transport needs to be arranged by you and your relatives or carers, so please make sure you have organised for someone to take you home.

Here is some advice to ensure your stay with us is comfortable and to help get you home or to your next place of care to recover as soon as possible:

  • Please ensure that you provide your contact telephone number, mobile and email address on admission along with contact details of your relatives or carers so that we are able to discuss any care plans/discharge and answer any questions.
  • Please ensure that you have access to house keys at all times. This will aid a smooth transition home and avoid any delays.
  • Please ask your relative or carer to drop in items that will assist you in preparing to go home including; weather suitable clothing, hearing aids/glasses, appropriate footwear.
  • Our beds are for patients who need medical care so it may be necessary for relatives and carers to support your care needs on your initial return home. There is currently a huge demand for care in the community and so that can delay patients returning home. Please have conversations with your family members or loved ones about whether care can be provided if it means you are able to return home sooner.
  • For patients with extensive physical needs transport will be co-ordinated. Please plan your own transport in the first instance and offer this information ahead of your discharge date.
  • If you or your family have any concerns about returning home following an admission to hospital, please share this with us at the earliest opportunity. We occasionally see situations where concerns are raised on the day of planned return home, which can waste planned community resources and prevent a discharge from going ahead.
  • Please use our discharge checklist to help aid your transfer home or to onward care settings.
  • If you need some additional support home our Patient Support Hub can provide some help. Please ask your care team about it or find out more information here
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