Research manager

Southampton BRC

A wide variety of opportunities exist for those wishing to pursue a career in research support services and management.

Research manager career

Careers in research management and support facilitate high quality research through the development and delivery of research studies, from concept to archiving, dissemination and knowledge transfer. 

While there is huge diversity in the roles occupied by people across the hospital and university, examples of typical roles and responsibilities include:

  • managing the financial, contractual & regulatory aspects of research
  • supporting research study management and delivery
  • managing clinical trials and research programmes

The work might involve clerical or administrative support, developing and implementing policy and processes, providing specialist internal advice and support, or carrying out project management.

NIHR career framework

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) have produced a Research Support Services Framework, which describes the role of a research manager within an NHS organisation.

This framework includes a set of practical competencies that help identify what members of a research support team need to know, understand and be able to do in order to provide an effective service.