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As a doctor, you can pursue a career that combines patient care with research, either as a clinical academic or through one of our other opportunities.

Clinical academic career

Southampton Clinical Academic Training Scheme (SoCATS) provides a career structure that aims to integrate clinical and academic training.

The integrated academic career path has five principal steps:

  1. Medical school
  2. Academic foundation programme
  3. Academic clinical fellow
  4. Clinical lecturer
  5. Senior academic 

While intended to begin at medical school and lead to a senior academic post, there are several points at which trainees can enter and exit academic training and this hop-on, hop-off system provides considerable flexibility. 

Applications for doctoral or post-doctoral research training fellowships can be made to the NIHR, research councils or charities. Academic clinical fellowships and clinical lectureships are made available through open competition via a nationally developed process for academic recruitment run by NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre (NIHR TCC).

You can find out more about the clinical academic pathway in the 2017 guide NIHR Integrated Academic Training programme for doctors and dentists.

Other opportunities

Clinical research fellowship

These fellowships, run by Clinical Research Network Wessex, can be incorporated into your current training scheme, enabling you to contribute to research delivery and build an evidence-based clinical career. For more information, contact Dr Thomas Brown at

Local fellowship opportunities at UHS

There are also local opportunities for research fellowships to help facilitate recruitment to clinical research within UHS.

We are aware of the pivotal role of clinical fellows in supporting recruitment and expanding our portfolio of clinical research. 

If you are interested in these opportunities, either as a trainee doctor or as a clinical fellow with an interest in research, or you are an NHS Consultant who would like to come and talk about the potential for having a fellow to support your research, please contact our Clinical Research Physician Dr Kristin Veighey, who will be happy to meet and discuss how we can support you.  

Leading specific studies as a Principal Investigator (PI)

You don't have to be an academic to get involved in clinical research - many of our very successful investigators have no formal research background.

If you are an NHS consultant, you can combine clinical work with research, by acting as principal investigator (PI) for studies in your area of expertise. 

For more information on how to get started and the support that we can provide, please contact Dr Kristin Veighey or email the Research & Development (R&D) department at