Test our questionnaire for teenagers with asthma

Asthma is one of the most common long-term conditions affecting adolescents in the UK, with many struggling to keep their asthma under control. Even with many medications available, this can limit everyday activities and impact their quality of life.

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What we know

Our research into asthma management has shown that it can be difficult for teenagers and healthcare professionals to communicate effectively, and that some young people can struggle to self-manage their condition.

We think this increases the risk of hospital admissions – with teenage asthmatics having higher rates of exacerbations and emergency hospital admissions than other age groups – and lowers their quality of life.

“We’ve interviewed teenagers to find out what they think are the barriers, and also the tools, to managing their asthma.” Professor Graham Roberts, a consultant in paediatric allergy in Southampton, explains.

“Using this information, we’ve developed a questionnaire to find out how confident teenagers feel about managing their asthma themselves. Once tested, this questionnaire will form part of a toolkit to help doctors and nurses empower teenagers to better self-manage and control their asthma; which we hope will make life easier for them.” He continues.

We need you!

We now need to test this questionnaire with teenagers who have asthma. Participants will be asked different things about their condition, daily life and general health which will highlight the areas where they struggle to manage their asthma. Doctors and nurses can then use this to better support patients and give personalised advice.

Get involved

If you are aged between 12 and 18 years old and you have asthma you may be eligible to take part. Please visit the online survey site for more information or you can contact Dr Simone Holley by emailing teenasthma@soton.ac.uk.