Featured research: ImmunoCOVID19 study

COVID serology sub-study (added 14/12/2020)

From December onwards we are looking to add serology antibody tests to our study. To see if patients have been exposed to COVID we will send everyone who wants to participate a sampling kit with instructions on how to take a finger prick blood sample at home. We will send all participants in this study an email inviting them to take part in this sub-study.

If you want to participate, please read the information in the forms below and follow the instructions in the email you have received.

If there are any questions don’t hesitate to email us at

Study to monitor COVID-19 infections in children and adults possibly more vulnerable for infections

This study does not replace your normal healthcare provision. If you or your child becomes unwell during the course of the study you should seek medical advice via emergency health care providers, call NHS 111 or contact your child’s normal clinical team. 

If you or your child has any symptoms that could possibly be due to coronavirus infection please follow the guidance here.

Thank you for considering taking part in this online study, in which we aim to monitor adults, children and young people who have a condition that make them more vulnerable to infections or are taking medication that affects their immune system during this coronavirus epidemic.

This is a multi-centre study in which more than 30 other hospitals are participating (see ful list of sites). Southampton is coordinating the study but children/parents from other hospitals can participate once their consultant has notified the study team in Southampton.

It is important to stress that the information currently available from the most severely affected countries suggests that these conditions and drugs do not seem to affect the response to coronavirus in children. Adults in these medications may be at increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection but no detailed information is yet available. Many families have expressed concern about what impact the virus will have and we would like to collect data to enable us to give you more informed advice.

The study will consist of a weekly questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes to fill in.

For more information please read the following information:




We will ask for consent from parents for children less than 16 years or from children aged 16-17 years and adults, on the online study website before filling in the study questionnaires. Children less than 16 years old will be asked to sign the assent form during their next planned clinic visit.

If you would like to help us and have received a link to the online study, please click on that link to start the study.

If you would like to participate but have not received a link:

  1. For University Hospital Southampton patients email: and include “immunoCOVID19”, name of your child or you own name if you are 16 or older, DOB and clinical team caring for your child’s condition
  2. For other hospitals you will need to contact the consultant who is taking care of your or your child’s condition.

If you have any study related queries you can email:

Please continue with your medication unless you are advised to stop by the clinical team caring for your or your child’s condition.

Up to date information about Coronavirus and what you need to do can be found here.