Improving care for the dying and bereaved

We're developing and improving palliative and end of life care, identifying the issues patients, their families, healthcare professionals and organisations confront in the face of critical illness and deteriorating health.

Key investigator: Prof Alison Richardson


Key projects 

  • Our group is doing work to improve the decision making process and care of people with end stage kidney disease who are no longer suitable for dialysis. We are studying ways in which bereaved families are best approached when considering donating organs and tissues for use in transplant operations and biomedical research in order to increase consent rates. 
  • We have studied pathways to death in critical care and the challenges this raises for decision making around withdrawal of life sustaining treatments, organ donation and providing patient and family centred care as death approaches.  We have developed guidance to support clinical teams make decisions and enable the transfer people home to die when this is their preference.
  • We are in the process of developing  and testing a tool to support patients and clinicians make better decisions about their care in the event their condition deteriorates – called an emergency care and treatment plan. Our work in this area is influencing national recommendations being developed by the UK Resuscitation Council.
  • We pioneered the development and validation of the VOICES survey used by the Office for National Statistics to evaluate end of life care nationally.