Resuscitation and emergency care

When our breathing or heart fails, fast and effecitve resuscitation and emergency care can make all the difference. We're developing and improving resuscitation and emergency care practices to give patients the best possible chance of survival, whatever the situation. 

Key investigator: Prof Charles Deakin and Prof Robert Crouch

Key Projects

  • Our work in this area has had significant policy and practice impact, with our evaluation of mechanical chest compression devices in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest used to formulate UK, European and International guidelines for the use of these devices.
  • Our emergency department sees over 120,000 patients every year, and we are among the best in the country (according to ICARC and TARN) for critical care and major trauma outcomes.
  • We have demonstrated the safety of hands-on defibrillation to minimise interruption of resuscitation for patients following cardiac arrest, and are conducting a randomised controlled trial of adrenaline use for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, due to be completed in 2018.
  • We have published a review of the factors contributing to low rates of public access defibrillation, and are investigating public attitudes and knowledge, aiming to improve bystander resuscitation.