About our research

We aim to better understand health and disease, to save and improve lives through better treatments and care.

Breath test 

We conduct research studies and clinical trials to:

  • find the causes of respiratory and nutrition related diseases 
  • study the long term impacts of chronicconditions
  • improve nutritional care in hospital and public dietary health 
  • improve respiratory disease treatments and management
  • find new ways of fighting infection and tackle antibiotic resistance
  • test better ways of helping people make healthy choices

See key studies currently recruiting in our featured studies section. 

You can find more on the nature of our research here.

Understanding disease

We work with families and children to investigate how respiratory conditions and nutrition-related diseases develop, and work with adult patients to identify the causes, so that we can improve diagnosis and develop treatments.  

Our MICA II study, for example, aims to better understand the lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), looking at how lung infections can make the condition worse to inform the development of new treatments.

Studying long term conditions

We work with people over years, and in some cases generations, to pick out links between their health and their diet, lifestyle and environment. A great example is our NiPPeR study, involving families from before conception, through  pregnancy and into early infancy.

We also work with chronic asthma and COPD patients,  to better understand how these conditions develop and can be managed. The Southampton- Portsmouth Wessex Asthma Network is one such community, involving people with severe asthma. 

Improving treatments and care

Many of our studies test new treatments, care and advice. These address nutritonal, respiratory and infectious diseases.

Examples include: