Training and development

The facility supports the conduct of high quality clinical research through continuing education and personal development of all staff.

All new staff attend a comprehensive induction programme designed to make the transition from a clinical role to a research role achievable and rewarding.

Sessions include:

  • the research process
  • investigator site file completion
  • research nurse roles and responsibilities
  • interaction with other departments, including pharmacy and R&D
  • taking informed consent
  • regulatory arrangements.

In addition to these universal sessions, each induction is tailored to the specific needs of individual members of staff.

For existing staff, the Trust's education and development rolling half days allow for the opportunity to complete statutory and mandatory training. We also invite external speakers and investigators to talk on a variety of topics.


Norma Diaper, lead clinical educator

Norma caters for the education and training needs of facility staff, with the aim of promoting high quality research in line with Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP), and developing evidence based nursing practice.

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