Blood: Lymphoma and leukaemia

Southampton is a centre of excellence for lymphoma and leukaemia treatment, underpinned by our leading research into better approaches.

Prof Peter Johnson

Key investigator: Prof Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is a medical oncologist specialising in the treatment of lymphoma. His main research interest is in immunotherapy: using the immune system to treat cancer.

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Great success, but more to be done in lymphoma

Over 80% of people diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, or some of the fast-growing non-Hodgkin types, survive thanks to current treatments; one of the success stories of modern oncology.

However there remains a large number of people for whom a cure is not possible, and there is a continuing need to find new types of treatment.  

New insights, new approaches

Our insights into the molecular changes in lymphoma cells hold great promise for this, and by exploiting this knowledge we have already seen further improvements in treatment.

We know there are a large number of new targets for the treatment of lymphoma, either molecules on the cell surface that we can target with antibodies or cell processes that are affected by cancerous mutations that we can target with small chemical drugs. 

Our aim is to bring this knowledge into use as rapidly as possible, to help patients with many different types of lymphoma.

New diagnostics

We are using new molecular diagnostic techniques, such as examining up to 25,000 genes simultaneously, to determine the exact changes present in lymphoma cells that might make suitable targets for new types of treatment.

This work, in collaboration with centres in London, Leeds and Cambridge, is moving the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma forward in the UK at an unprecedented rate.

New therapies

We have a programme of new treatments, using both antibodies and chemical small molecules, being used to offer new approaches to treatment for both newly diagnosed patients and those for whom conventional treatment has not proven effective.

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