Prostate, bladder and kidney - genitourinary cancers

Southampton's genitourinary treatment strategy takes a new direction from others', drawing on our specialist knowledge and techniques in genetics and immunotherapy.

Dr Simon Crabb

Key investigator: Dr Simon Crabb

Dr Crabb is developing better therapeutic options for genitourinary cancers such as bladder, prostate and kidney cancers.

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A different approach

Although treatment of genitourinary cancers has advanced over the last decade, they remain a significant health problem, needing new approaches to improve outcomes for patients.

New treatments for genitourinary cancers

Southampton has an emerging research programme to bring new treatment approaches for genitourinary cancers into practice in the clinic.

We are particularly interested in novel epigenetic approaches (controlling how genes are expressed and when), immune based therapeutics and finding ways of overcoming resistance to current chemotherapies.

Trialling prostate cancer options and fighting resistant cancers

Our clinical trials programme includes new immune-based and hormonal  therapies in prostate cancer. In addition, we are looking at new approaches to reverse, or overcome, resistance to conventional chemotherapy drugs.

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