Chest and lung cancers

We are helping find new ways of treating cancers of the chest and lung, through new immune system based therapies, trials of new therapeutics and collation of tissue samples for further study.

Christian Ottensmeier

Key investigator: Christian Ottensmeier

An oncology consultant and researcher specialising in melanoma, leukaemia, and cancers of the chest, Christian Ottensmeier is at the forefront of research into cancer vaccines.

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Improving survival in small cell lung cancer

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) initially responds well to standard chemotherapy, but long term survival remains poor.

Patients with autoimmune complications arising from the cancer survive longer, apparently regardless of tumour progressions when they are first diagnosed.

Noting this, Southampton is trialling use of Ipilimumab, an antibody therapy, which has been shown to induce anti-tumour immune responses, alongside chemotherapy to treat SCLC.

This work will assess whether the addition of Ipilimumab generates an effective immune response against the tumour by promoting recognition and attack of cancer antigens released during chemotherapy.

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