Prof Tim Elliott, vaccine specilaist and associate dean for research for Medicine at the University of Southampton

Cancer research

Southampton leads the UK and Europe in fighting cancer using the body’s own defences, and our patients benefit from continuous discoveries and improvements flowing from laboratory to clinic.

Many cancers

We are developing better ways to diagnose, treat and manage a wide range of cancer types through new therapies, surgical methods and technologies. Find out more about our work in several types: 

Sample tubes being filled

Using the body’s own defences

Two decades ago Southampton took a lead in harnessing the body’s own defences to take on cancer cells and tumours. Our focus on immune-based therapies gives you insight into our discoveries and expertise.

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Southampton Eperimental Medicine Centre, based within the Somers building at Southampton General Hospital

A unique research resource

Southampton's Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre is at the heart of a continuous cycle of better care, therapy development and new knowledge as new therapies go from laboratory into the clinic, and back again for refinement.

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