Macfarlane, Dr Sarah

Dr Sarah MacfarlaneMBBS BSc MRCP




General dermatology, skin cancer and cutaneous surgery, black skin

Training and education

Graduated from UMDS medical school, London 1993.
SpR training in dermatology Queen’s medical centre, Nottingham 1999-2003
Post CCST surgical fellowship, Cardiff 2005
Superficial anatomy and cutaneous surgery course. Scripps clinic, San Diego 2006


Dr Macfarlane has worked for the Trust since May 2008. 

After completing my registrar training in Nottingham I spent 4 years working as a consultant in the dermatology department at King’s College Hospital, London. I was the trust clinical lead for skin cancer and developed the dermatology surgical service for skin cancer. In addition to skin cancer and cutaneous surgery, I have broad expertise in general dermatology, including vulval dermatology and dermatological disorders presenting in black skin.

Key achievements

Presented regularly at national and international meetings on various aspects of dermatology. Faculty member for regional and national courses on cutaneous surgery 2005, 2007

Key awards and prizes

MRC Rogers fund award for elective study 1991
Britsh Endocrinology trust elective bursary 1991
Second prize for Bristol Cup Poster presented at British Association of Dermatology National Meeting 2000
British Association of Dermatology Study Fellowship 2005


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Ecthyma gengrenosum: an important feature of pseudomonal sepsis in a previously well child. Clin exp derm 2008 Dec 15

“Axillary web syndrome” or “Cording”, a variant of Mondor’s disease, following axillary surgery. Archives Dermatology (accepted for publication)