Nightingale, Dr Julia

Dr Julia NightingaleBA, BM BCh, FRCP, PhD


Respiratory medicine


Cystic fibrosis

Training and education

  • BA - Oxford University, 1988
  • BM BCh (medical degree) - Oxford University, 1991
  • MRCP (member of the Royal College of Physicians) UK - 1994
  • PhD - Imperial College, London, 1999
  • FRCP (fellow of the Royal College of Physicians)


Dr Nightingale is a consultant in respiratory medicine who joined the Trust in 2005. She specialises in providing regional services for adult cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. She also has a weekly general respiratory clinic. 

Dr Nightingale's main motivation throughout her work is the delivery of high quality, patient centred care. This is especially important for her patients with CF, a group of adolescent and adult patients with chronic disease requiring frequent contact with health services.

Here at UHS, Dr Nightingale has led on a number of initiatives, including improving patient information for new patients and setting up an evening clinic to improve access to care for patients with work commitments. She's actively involved in improving patient care through the education of other healthcare professionals involved in the care of CF patients, both within the hospital and the region.

Dr Nightingale is interested in developing others' skills, and her roles include medical student tutor, educational supervisor and also consultant appraiser. She's a member of the educational faculty of the Wessex Deanery and the Royal College of Physicians as a facilitator on various educational courses. 

Key achievements

  • Member of British Thoracic Society specialist advisory group 2014-2016
  • Co-chair of Wessex CF Club since 2012
  • Member of the educational faculty for Wessex Deanery and Royal College of Physicians


Dr Nightingale is involved in a large National Institute of Health Research funded research project. The project is looking to support cystic fibrosis patients to adhere to the treatment they need to take to keep them well. She's also involved in a project aiming to improve patients’ experience of their outpatient visits. Previous research interests include human airways inflammation, asthma and respiratory side-effects of topical beta-antagonists. She has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals and co-written chapters in two respiratory textbooks.

Publications since 2000

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