What happens when I come in?

Your first visit to us will usually be to come to an allergy and immunology clinic. These are held regularly across the region, and you can find clinic details here.

At the clinic, our team will assess, test and diagnose you. If you have a food allergy, a dietitian may also see you. For certain tests, we might ask you not to take antihistamines before your appointment (we'll let you know if this applies to you). For some drug and food challenges, you'll need to come to a day ward, led by our specialist nurses.

After your diagnosis, we'll draw up a plan for you to manage your condition at home. Our nurses will go over your results with you, answer your questions, and give you advice and training in the use of any drugs you need such as inhalers or adrenaline (epi) pens.

Some treatments such as desensitisation or immunoglobulin infusions can't be given at home, so you might need to come in to follow-up day wards. We'll tell you how often you need to attend; usually monthly, although some people come weekly. Please allow three to four hours for your appointment on the day ward.