Meet the team: cognitive disorders


Christopher Kipps

Dr Christopher Kipps, consultant neurologist

Dr Kipps is a cognitive and behavioural neurologist and clinical lead for the service. He has a particular interest in early onset dementia and Huntington’s disease. Dr Kipps is involved in research into the diagnosis and management of dementia with a particular focus on diagnostic modalities and appropriate provision of post-diagnostic care. He is the principal investigator for a number of clinical research trials in dementia.

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George Pengas

Dr George Pengas, consultant neurologist

Dr Pengas has specialist interests in cognitive neurology, normal pressure hydrocephalus, general neurology and acute neurology. In addition to his cognitive clinics, Dr Pengas runs a normal pressure hydrocephalus clinic.

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Dr Boyd Ghosh

Dr Boyd Ghosh, consultant neurologist 

Dr Ghosh has specialist interests in cognitive neurology and atypical Parkinsonian disorders. He is part of the team of neurologists who review patients with complex cognitive disorders as part of the cognitive multi-disciplinary team.

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Professor Roz McCarthy

Professor Rosaleen McCarthy, professor of neuropsychology

Professor McCarthy is the lead neuropsychology consultant and head of department. Her research interests are in disorders of memory as well as in impairments of perception, language and attention. She works with people who have younger onset dementia, cerebra-vascular disease, head injuries, epilepsy and brain tumours. She collaborates with the neurologists in diagnosing complex cases.


Dr Andrea Romsauerova, consultant diagnostic neuroradiologist

Dr Romsauerova interprets and reports CT and MRI brain, spine and nerve scans to diagnose and aid the care of patients with cognitive problems. She has a particular interest in cognitive neurology and is part of the cognitive multi-disciplinary team who review complex patient cases.

Other specialist staff

Sarah Beck

Sarah Beck, genetic counsellor

Sarah sees patients with Huntington’s disease from across the south. She is also a member of the research team conducting Huntington's disease research at the Trust.

Veena Agarwal

Veena Agarwal, research physiotherapist

Veena is a research physiotherapist with a particular interest in neurodegenerative disease and movement disorders. 


Fiona Chaâbane, clinical coordinator

Fiona is a clinical nurse specialist with a particular interest in Huntington’s disease and cognitive disorders in younger people.


Dr John Spreadbury, senior research fellow

Dr Spreadbury is investigating the effects of younger onset dementia for patients, carers and health service resources. His related research interests include investigating methods for advancing improvements in clinical care at time of diagnosis and in post-diagnostic care and in monitoring patient and carer needs and well-being over time.

Angus Prosser

Angus Prosser, research assistant

Angus is a neuroscientist with research interests in dementia and brain imaging. He is currently studying for a PhD in clinical neuroscience, and he assists in the running of dementia research studies at the Trust.


Elaine Hayward, research sister

Elaine is an experienced nurse who previously worked in oncology research. She now works on various studies including those in Huntington’s disease and dementia.


Lesley Mackinnon, research coordinator to Dr Kipps

Lesley works as the research coordinator for Dr Kipps's cognitive research team, handling administrative work for the set up and running of research studies.