Our consultants



Mr Sanjay Sharma, head and neck reconstructive and maxillofacial


Mr Sebastien Thomas, otoloaryngology and skull base

Mr Thomas has a special interest in skull base and facial nerve disorders, and has wide experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skull base fractures, infections and tumours.

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Andrew Webb

Mr Andy Webb, head and neck reconstructive and maxillofacial

Mr Webb has extensive experience in general oral and maxillofacial surgery with specialist interests in head and neck cancer, facial trauma, orofacial deformity and salivary gland surgery.

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Mr Nigel Horlock, plastics, head and neck

Mr Nijaguna Mathad

Mr Nijaguna Mathad, neurosurgery

Mr Mathad has a special interest in neuroendoscopy, paediatric, skull base and pituitary surgery. He has introduced endoscopic pituitary surgery and is developing endoscopic endonasal techniques for skull base surgery.

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Emad Shenouda

Mr Emad Shenouda, neurosurgery

Mr Shenouda has an interest in cervical and lumbar spine especially cervical disc replacement, metastatic spinal tumour and fragility. He also has particular experience of intradural tumours.

Doreen Khan-Lim

Miss Doreen Khan-Lim, oculoplastics

Miss Khan-Lim has an interest in eyelid, eyelash and lacrimal disorders as well as dry eye and related conditions. She has a large facial dystonia practice, treating facial spasms and complications of facial palsy with botulinum toxin injection.

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Ramamurthy Arunachalam

Dr Rama Arunachalam

Dr Arunachalam has a particular interest in motor unit physiology, direct muscle stimulation, single fibre EMG and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). He has set up intraoperative motor evoked potential monitoring and transcranial magnetic stimulation services at Southampton.

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Dr David Allen

Dr Allen's work is largely diagnostic. He performs and interprets investigations that record activity from the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

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