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Radiotherapy patient information

  • Welcome to radiotherapy - information on coming to Southampton General Hospital for your radiotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy treatment - find out more about what to expect from your radiotherapy appointments.
  • Radiotherapy under general anaesthetic - information for parents of children having radiotherapy under general anaesthetic.

Bowel or colon


Chest and breast

  • Radiotherapy to the breast and chest wall
  • Radiotherapy to the left breast (breath hold)

CT scan

Electron beam intra-operative radiation therapy

Gynaecological cancer and the female pelvis

  • Brachytherapy vault treatment
  • Female pelvis radiotherapy

Head and neck

  • Radiotherapy to the head and neck


  • Radiotherapy to the lung


  • Radiotherapy to the oesophagus



  • Radiotherapy to the skin

Total body irradiation

  • Total body irradiation (TBI)

Upper abdomen

  • Radiotherapy to the upper abdomen