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Our radiotherapy department is actively involved in research into the most effective ways to deliver radiotherapy.

Our team

Radiotherapy research advanced practitioner

Kim Meeking

Radiotherapy research radiographers

Lyndsey Kilgore, Suzi Chapman and Kirsty Thornton

Radiotherapy research clinical trials assistant

Elaine Cooper

What we do

We can provide

  • information about radiotherapy clinical trials that are currently recruiting in Southampton
  • support for you in deciding whether to enrol on a radiotherapy clinical trial
  • continued care and support for clinical trial patients throughout their radiotherapy treatment and in follow up.

What is a radiotherapy clinical trial?

Around half of cancer patients will receive radiotherapy as part of their treatment. Radiotherapy clinical trials investigate different ways of delivering radiotherapy to patients and help us to find better treatments. This might mean a more effective treatment, fewer side effects or a shorter treatment duration.

Trials sometimes involve comparing radiotherapy to other treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery, and they sometimes involve testing different doses or radiotherapy techniques.

What happens if I'm invited to take part in a clinical trial?

If you're invited to participate in a clinical trial, our research team will discuss the trial and how it's different from our standard treatment. You will also be given some written information, which you can take away to read or discuss with family and friends.You'll be invited back to see us to talk through the trial and ask any questions you may have.

You're free to decide whether or not to take part in the study. If you decide not to participate, it won't have any effect on your care. If you do decide to enter the trial, our team will help you to do this.

Contact us

We're available Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm.

Call us on 023 8120 5442 or email